Of all Disney's teen-musical franchises (see "High School Musical" and "Descendants"),

"Zombies" overcame its strained cuddly-zombie premise to become the most unexpectedly pleasing,

augmenting its themes of bigotry and acceptance with best-in-class songs.

Given that, there's little pleasure in reporting that "Zombies 3" is creatively dead on arrival, reviving the concept at least once too often.

Bypassing Disney Channel and heading directly to Disney+, the story reassembles the usual suspects, 

in a town that has grown from humans and zombies coexisting to include werewolves and now, in a particularly weak flourish, aliens.

Of course,  the UFO that appears over Seabrook High brings yearbook-photo-ready teens whose extraterrestrial lineage is defined by their blue hair and a few dots on their face,

just not the kind of face dots about which most adolescents fret.